Is Granola Vegan?

Is granola vegan?

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Is Quinoa Vegan?

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Is Couscous Vegan? The Bottom Line

Is Couscous Vegan?

Couscous, originally a Maghrebi dish, has been steadily growing in popularity over the years in other regions like Europe and North America. I get asked if it’s vegan quite a … Read more

Are Croissants Vegan?

Are croissants vegan?

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Is Lard Vegan?

Is lard vegan

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Is Rice Vegan?

Is rice vegan

Rice is nice, but is it vegan? I get this question a lot. It usually comes from people who are either new to the subject (and aren’t yet quite clear … Read more

Is Buffalo Sauce Vegan?

vegan buffalo sauce

There are tons of recipes for vegan buffalo sauce, but many people want to know whether the sauce they encounter in stores and restaurants is vegan-friendly. If you’re one of … Read more